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3 Dental Milestones for Kids

Watching a child grow up is a true joy in many different ways. Since dental care is a crucial element of your child’s overall wellness, it’s important to help them manage each stage of their oral progress in a healthy, proactive way. Here’s a closer look at three dental milestones for kids and when you should talk with their dentist. Big […]

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Making Dental Care a Positive Experience for Children with Special Healthcare Needs

1. Establish the Importance of Dental Care With the Help of a “Friend” Introducing the concept of dental care to a child with a disability can be challenging. Your child may be fearful of brushing and flossing, and this fear can stand in the way of good oral hygiene. Depending on the disability, their understanding of why […]

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4 Dentist-Approved Snacks for Your Child’s Lunchbox

Diet plays a leading role in your child’s oral health, which is why it’s important to send them to school with meals and snacks that will make their dentist happy. The right foods will promote healthy development and also combat decay. Use the following as a starting point and make sure to promote proper brushing and flossing […]

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